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Consultations with Nykki

Before scheduling a consultation with Nykki, have you...

  • Viewed the Pre- Workout Video -  Stretching is important at the beginning and end of any workout. Watch now!
  • Viewed the Nutrition Basics Video - Watching this video will give you a basic understanding of nutrition, answer questions and make efficient use of your consultation. Watch now!
  • Downloaded your Fitness Essentials Guide - This guide will give you the tools needed to meet your fitness and nutrition goals, as well as, make efficient use of your consultation by reducing questions that have already been answered via other resourses.  Get yours now!
  • Completed your Individual Fitness and Nutrition Assessment - This assessment will give Nykki an idea of your current health status and allow her to assess your needs and help achieve your goals. During the consultation, we will go over the assessment results and answer any questions you may have about items needing clarification, as well as any other questions you have. Begin yours now!
  • Done your first workout online - By completing the first workout online, when speaking with NykKi, you will have a better understanding of you own personal fitness needs and can better discuss what may or may not work for you in moving forward with your workout plan. Get it now!
  • Yes, I've completed the entire checklist - Great! You are ready to schedule your consultation with Nykki. Get your questions ready! Schedule now!


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