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"Award-winning fitness at a pace that works for your lifestyle"

Our Services

Fitness & Nutrition Assessment


Assessment taken before the beginning of any workout program to understand the health, needs and desires of the client.

Optimal Health Assessment


Sometimes exercise alone isn't enough. Proper nutrition is just as important as exercise. Knowing what nutrients your body is lacking can make all the differnce in feeling okay and feeling fantastic.

One Month Online Fitness


4 weeks of workouts (8 videos) delivered directly to your email for online viewing. Workout at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Cost: 4wks @ $79 vs, 4 wks @ $699
Access: workout (links) delivered directly to your email
Convenience: workout anytime
Support: email support
Share: workout with a buddy for no additional cost

Consultation - Phone


20 min. telephone consultation to better understanding of you own personal fitness needs and can better discuss what may or may not work for you in moving forward with your workout plan.

Transformationa Challenge


New challenges begin each month (min. # of participants needed). Workout at your own pace. Check ins each week. Biggest loser get a cash prize at the end of challenge.



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